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How Do You Know Me

This song is by Fingertips and appears on the album All 'Bout Smoke 'N Mirrors (2003).

I was living my life
I was living on my own
Then I felt something weird
I lost my control
There's a strange feeling here
And there's nothing to hold
But then I felt you
It was something like... yeah

I called you special golden rope
'Cause there you are when I'm lonely
I really breath the air you breath
Oh, you get me
I'm walking slowly as I'm thinking that we...
We are two bodies for one unique soul

How do you know me?
But I'll never know me like you do

When I'm locked in my room
I get free in your world
Oh, I'm lost in your doom
Yeah, you made the change
There are bits of you stuck all over me
I get closer to you
I get completely free

I'm crazy, alone
But I hear your smile
I see nobody
But you know my eyes
Living with me was my sad surprise
We are both too depressive but we'll see... our own sun rise

How do you know me?
But I'll never know me like you do...

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