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Speak In Tongues

This song is by Fingertight and appears on the album In The Name Of Progress (2003).

You can't keep me caged up forever!
You can't tame me forever

Now who knows how long
We fight for freedom
But no ones ever won
was a systematic or automatic
Annihilation of every nation
Until we find ourselves
Fighting all alone

When everything just falls away
I'll see you in the pain this time
When everything just falls away
And I'll see you fallen too

Now who knows how come
We pledge allegiance
and then we pull out guns
was a diplomatic or democratic
A violation of demonstration
until we find ourselves
standing all alone


And I'll see you' fall' away
And you can watch me walk away
And you can watch me walk away
(In the end we will demonstrate, what would mean then when we create)
And you could watch me walk away
When everything just falls away

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