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Shut Up

This song is by Fingertight and appears on the album In The Name Of Progress (2003).

Shut up - and let me apologize.
I can't wait to look in your sympathetic eyes and wonder away.
Will we ever make it out of here alive?

I've been down here, I've been down here,
Just waiting for the roof to fall.
I've been down here, I've been down here,
Just waiting for my chance to...

And I can't help the way that I feel,
When you come through to me.
Was it just a dream that I had made up?
Can I see the spark in your eyes,
That tells me I'm different than the other guys.


And if we fail, because of you.
We might just change our point of view.
But if we fail because of me.
I know we might never get a chance to see
That we were part of something wonderful that I let go.

[Chorus ' 2]

Fall... down.

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