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St. Louis

This song is by Finger Eleven and appears on the album Letters From Chutney (1995).

Original video
Held it up
You pushed it down
Looked so wicked
Wearing your crown

Of cotton thorns
I guess you fake the pain, the pain
But since I can't really afford
To give you what you want, what you want

Here I am
Come and get me
Bundled up
Just like my grandma sent me

Why'd you give it up?
It's like you never tried, you tried
But if you try for something more
You'll be giving up again, up again

Picked up the rock
Wishing it was skin
Never did know
Where to begin

To be more of me
I need to see less of you, of you
But since that same old feeling has gone
This won't be near as hard, near as hard

And since that same old feeling has gone
This won't be near as hard

Written by:

Scott Anderson / Sean Anderson / James Black Wikipedia16 / Rob Gommerman / Rick Jackett

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