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Visions Of What Once Was

This song is by Finding Westerly.

Waste another day, for things you'll never say
That well get bye, well be all right, well fall in love again
I don't know why I wait, I can't control my fate
When I look through, I still see you, were holding hands

As we walk out to the street, the sun shines on your face
I feel your love inside, your breath your lips I taste
And this is what I feel, and you are what is real
I guess I'll never be, that lucky again tonight

Waste another day, you drift so far away
My mind is shot, it's all I got, I might as well give up
So in my head I go, the place I've always known
With all my cares, I sit and stare, I drift away

When you were by my side, and all we had was us
To get away from life, the shit that we put up
We'd drive off in the night, and kiss the world goodbye
You were my only light, that does not shine tonight

Let's make this right... Don't leave tonight
Let's make this right, put up that fight, don't leave tonight...

Don't turn around and walk away*

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