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I Want You

This song is by Filur.

Baby, stop
Where're you standing
I need to talk to you
Last night was really crazy
And I wanna make it up to you
And I, I didnt realize
That I meant anything to you
But now, that I know your feelings
I need to get it through to you

Don't misunderstand me
Cause I want you
I see you on the floor
Baby, I want You
Don't misunderstand me
Cause I want you
I want you to want me too
Like I want you

Tell me girl
Where do we go from here
Ive been thinking about you
And I see you everywhere
And I, I'd be really surprised
If I got to see you in the new morning
I swear the feeling I get from you
Makes it so damn hard to forget about the things
you do
And you, you seem think is cool
To walk away from me, to misunderstand me


Let me dance with you baby,
Wont you be my lady
..Wont you be mine


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