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Welcome To The Fold

This song is by Filter and appears on the album Title of Record (1999) and on the compilation The Family Values Tour 1999 (2000).

You take my money
You think you're great
You think it's funny
I hate your face
You got your Jesus
And I got my space
You got your reasons
And I got my case

You just gotta sit yourself down
To contemplate
You get yourself a nice cold beer
And drink yourself away
You're celebrating nothing
And you feel a-okay
You're celebrating nothing
And you feel a-okay

You think you're precious
And I think you're shit
And I'd kill your father
To destroy his seed
Ohhhh nothing will ever
Destroy your greed


Now when you break yourself down
And go to this place
You give yourself the reason
To get off your case
And when you break it down yeah
And see through this shit
You give yourself the reason
To live through this
Break down

Mama give me my medicine (3)

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