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This song is by Filter and appears on the album Short Bus (1995).

I got empty point to make
It's about a faith
An empty point of view
It's stinky through and through
So you think you've got some problems?
So you think you've got it bad?
Good boy
Gone bad
So sorry
So sad
Makes you wonder if you can
It takes you, puts you in a can
One thing I'm gonna do
Something you don't want to view

(X2) This is mine
This is my world...

I got a fresh opinion now
I can't tell you how
I think it's best just to take it and go under
Oh take some
Swallow you can't miss
Let's you
Spend some time in bliss
Oh come on down X2
Oh welcome
This is my world
This is mine
This is my world
This is all mine
Oh it's all mine

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