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Consider This

This song is by Filter and appears on the album Short Bus (1995).

I've been thinking about what you said
It's been going around in my head
I've been thinking about what you were
It's a messy messed up blur
And when the con was over, one thing I learned
I think you'd be better off if you were dead X3

Think your check might last a year?
Ain't got no worries...
Ain't got no fear...
You change so fast, you're such a creep
You make me feel so very cheap...

(There's a guy - he was prematurely retired, lets just say that)
(He can answer the "what", but he can't answer the "how", or the "why")

And when the heist was over, I guess i got burned
I think you'd be better off if you were dead X4...

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