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Falling And Failing

This song is by Filmmaker and appears on the EP Break This Fall (2001) and on the album An Invitation To An Accident (2002).

I told myself, you've got to shake this jealous thing
It's the last thing you need.
I told myself, just drop this anti-trust act.
It is so self defeating... and not worth repeating.
And I watched your whisper of a secret turn into a mountain of lie
There was always someone waiting in the wings.
We were something that I am not.

I am falling I am failing.
Sometimes loss outweighs gain.
I am falling I am failing.
This kidding you is killing me.

Don't hold it to coincedence that our paths don't cross anymore.
I am drowning in an ocean of thoughts
And I can't spill out a single word.
These days the best I can do is a
Simple smile across crowded rooms.
You always swore you could never take him back.
I didn't think that never could come so fast.
I took you out on everyone.

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