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Don't Speak, She Said

This song is by Filmmaker and appears on the EP Break This Fall (2001).

i had that same dream again, you know the one
you were my co-star
As we ask ourselves, how could we go wrong?
Morning came with cold feet again
As we flail and grasp to hold on to last night
As we brace ourselves we know we're slowly sinking
Just when i fear my sights are too high
You offer up that pretty smile
Speak gently, Move softer still
We wait on winter to break this fall

Dont speak she said
this is our little secret
And i wont breath a word

Morning came with cold feet again
As we work in ways that try to impress
Like these lines we steal from less than perfect movies
Silence paints a perfect picture
There are no words for this
Breath gently, move softer still
You are the still point in my turning world

Dont speak she said
this is our little secret
(there are no words for this)
just drive she said
this car cant take me away from here fast enough tonight
one more wrong might make this right..

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