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Warrior Of Love

This song is by Fiji.

Rise up and be strong, warriors

Oh, oh, oh, warrior-i-orrior
Oh, oh, warrior-i-orrior

Well, the people need a little love sometimes
Rastaman knows the inner deeper feeling
It's the kind of love that holds your heart forever
It's the kind of love that one would share as brother to brother

Warrior of love, warrior of love
Warrior of love, I'm a warrior of love
I'm a warrior

Oh, oh, oh, warrior-i-orrior
Oh, oh, warrior-i-orrior

If you wanna know the secrets of your lifetime
Better clear your mind of all your evil thinking
'Cause the time will come when you will have to suffer
That's the time when you will find out if your brother's you brother


(Guitar solo & shoutouts)

Know what, you got to live your life in a difficult live way
'Cause you'll miss your man in a righteous cause
Put yourself in the middle of a beautiful day
Me and you will always walk close to God
Never let da trouble of the world try put you down
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Stand firm with your feet upon the ground
'Cause you're a warrior, warrior, warrior

Warrior of Love (11x)
I'm a warrior, yeah

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