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Smokin' Session

This song is by Fiji.

Oh, oh,
Lord have mercy,
Oh yeah,
Oh lord, hey, hey

When the sun goes down
Me and my baby got a smokin' session (smokin' session)
And then I'll take her
On a night out of town (oh, yeah)
We'll have a good time tonight (oh baby, listen)

Thought I was lonely
Till I met you baby (true, true, true)
Thought I was just a man
Who'd never find love (true, true, true)
All I really wanted
Was to be loved by someone
Now that you're here
I just can't wait no longer (hey, hey)

Baby understand me
I need you right now (true, true, true)
I've been going through
Some hardships and trials (true, true, true)
Oh, I need this kinda
Love you givin' me
No one else can make me
Feel this free

(Rap by mr. re)

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