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You're On

This song is by Fifty Nutz and appears on the album Good Isn't Good Enough (1999).

So Many times you have waited
So many times you told me are wasted
Going down reaching for a life you've never found
She doesn't care about what you said
You're still waiting in the fog
There is nothing on

Can't you remember those times when we never met
They said : you're on, but inside you're gone
She said she cared but you proved me wrong
Sometimes when you're all alone,
All seems so long
You feel so down, others thinks you're on

You feel sad and you don't know how you can give more
But everybody says you're on

I thought we could maintain our values
You know that she left you behind
I've heard better promises to keep me down
Sometimes I can see through your eyes
In a world of deception and rejection, I feel so sorry

People are talking in your back, they try to hold you back
They said that you bored their lives
You know what they mean inside.

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