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Dawnrazor (1987)Edit

Fields Of The Nephilim - Dawnrazor
  1. The Harmonica Man
  2. Slow Kill
  3. Laura II
  4. Preacher Man
  5. Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned)
  6. Vet For The Insane
  7. Secrets
  8. Dust
  9. Reanimator
  10. Power
  11. The Tower
  12. Dawnrazor
  13. The Sequel

LP editions have different track listings.

The Nephilim (1988)Edit

Fields Of The Nephilim - The Nephilim
The Nephilim
  1. Endemoniada
  2. The Watchman
  3. Phobia
  4. Moonchild
  5. Chord Of Souls
  6. Shiva
  7. Celebrate
  8. Love Under Will
  9. Last Exit For The Lost

Elizium (1990)Edit

Fields Of The Nephilim - Elizium
  1. (Dead But Dreaming)
  2. For Her Light
  3. At The Gates Of Silent Memory
  4. (Paradise Regained)
  5. Submission
  6. Sumerland (What Dreams May Come)
  7. Wail Of Sumer
  8. And There Will Your Heart Be Also

Revelations (1994)Edit

Fields Of The Nephilim - Revelations
  1. Moonchild
  2. Chord Of Souls
  3. Last Exit For The Lost
  4. Preacher Man
  5. Love Under Will
  6. Power
  7. Psychonaut Lib 111
  8. For Her Light
  9. Blue Water
  10. Vet For The Insane
  11. The Watchman
  12. Dawnrazor (Live)

From Gehenna To Here (2001)Edit

Fields Of The Nephilim - From Gehenna to Here
From Gehenna To Here
  1. Trees Come Down
  2. Back In Gehenna
  3. Darkcell
  4. Laura
  5. Power
  6. Laura II
  7. Secrets
  8. The Tower
  9. Returning To Gehenna

This album collects EPs from 1985-86.

Mourning Sun (2005)Edit

Fields Of The Nephilim - Mourning Sun
Mourning Sun
  1. Shroud
  2. Straight To The Light
  3. New God Dawn
  4. Requiem XIII 33
  5. Xiberia (Seasons In The Ice Cage)
  6. She
  7. Mourning Sun
Limited Edition Bonus Track
  1. In The Year 2525

Other SongsEdit

  1. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  2. New Gold Dawn
  3. Requiem (Le Veilleur Silencieux)
  4. Slowkill
  5. Sumerland
  6. Tower
  7. Wail Of Summer

Additional information

Band members:
  • Carl McCoy
Former members:
  • John 'Capachino' Carter
  • Tony Pettitt
  • Paul Wright
  • Alexander "Nod" Wright
  • Peter Yates
  • Gary Whisker
Related artists:
Record labels:

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