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613: Ashy To Classy (2000)Edit

Field Mob - 613 Ashy To Classy
613: Ashy To Classy
  1. Ashy to Classy (Intro)
  2. Can't Stop Us
  3. Project Dreamz
  4. Dead In Your Chevy
  5. Da' Durty
  6. My Main Roni (featuring Mr. Keith)
  7. Cheatin' On We
  8. Waiting (Interlude)
  9. Channel 613, Pt. 1
  10. Dimez (Jazzy B's)
  11. Crutch (featuring Off Glass)
  12. Shake Sumpthin' (featuring Papa Reu)
  13. Hey Shawty (featuring Suthern Klick)

From Tha Roota To Tha Toota (2002)Edit

Field Mob - From Tha Roota To Tha Toota
From Tha Roota To Tha Toota
  1. K.A.N.
  2. Nothing 2 Lose
  3. Don't Want No Problems
  4. Bitter Broads (Interlude)
  5. Sick Of Being Lonely (featuring Torica)
  6. Where R U Going?
  7. It's Hell
  8. ConverHation (Skit)
  9. Haters (featuring Trick Daddy)
  10. Hit It For Free
  11. Kuntry Cooking (Skit)
  12. Betty Rocker
  13. Cut Loose
  14. All I Know (featuring Cee Lo Green and T.I.)
  15. Sick Of Being Lonely (Dirty South Mix) (featuring Trina)

Light Poles And Pine Trees (2006)Edit

Field Mob - Light Poles And Pine Trees
Light Poles And Pine Trees
  1. 1, 2, 3
  2. My Wheels
  3. So What (featuring Ciara)
  4. Baby Bend Over (featuring Polow da Don)
  5. Smilin' (featuring Ludacris)
  6. Area Code 229
  7. Blacker The Berry (Skit)
  8. Blacker The Berry
  9. I Hate You
  10. At The Park
  11. Eat 'Em Up, Beat 'Em Up
  12. Pistol Grip
  13. Sorry Baby (featuring Bobby Valentino)
  14. It's Over
  15. Georgia (featuring Ludacris and Jamie Foxx)

Songs Featuring Field MobEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Deep Tonight
  2. Stop Callin
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