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Vertigo(Ingles Version)

This song is by Fey and appears on the album Vértigo (2002).

My inner voice keeps pushing me
To cross the bridge of destiny
This small distance is such a big distance (for me to take)
I have the tender taste of time
Swim again for tight
Does anybody understand this feeling?

I'm standing here on the edge with the feeling of moving on
I feel like I'm falling down
The power inside my heart feels still the emotion to get me on
I'm standing here on the edge, with the eeling of moving on
I need to take control
The searchings they can't be wrong
I'll take my chances, I'm on my own...
oh vertigo, oh vertigo

It's time for change, I'm glad enough, a different changing
Brake the bridges of my past
Desconnect the guilt inside
I love to feel a a big distance
I love to feel I fly
Does anybody understand this feeling...


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