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Right of Way (2004)Edit

Ferry Corsten - Right Of Way
Right of Way
  1. Sublime
  2. Whatever! (featuring Esnee Bon Stotijn)
  3. Rock Your Body, Rock
  4. Right of Way
  5. Kyoto
  6. Holding On (featuring Shelley Harland)
  7. Sweet Sorrow
  8. Hearts Connected
  9. Punk
  10. It's Time (featuring Esnee Bon Stotijn)
  11. Show Your Style (featuring Birgit)
  12. Star Traveller
  13. Skindeep (featuring Shelley Harland)
  14. In My Dreams

L.E.F. (2006)Edit

Ferry Corsten - L.E.F.
  1. Intro
  2. Are You Ready
  3. Fire (featuring Simon Le Bon)
  4. L.E.F.
  5. Into the Dark (featuring Howard Jones)
  6. Galaxia
  7. Beautiful
  8. Possession
  9. On My Mind
  10. Down on Love
  11. Forever
  12. Watch Out
  13. Junk
  14. Cubikated
  15. Freefalling
  16. I Love You (Bonus Track)

Twice In a Blue Moon (2008)Edit

Ferry Corsten - Twice in a Blue Moon
Twice in a Blue Moon
  1. Shelter Me
  2. Black Velvet
  3. We Belong
  4. Gabriella's Sky
  5. Made of Love
  6. Radio Crash
  7. Twice in a Blue Moon
  8. Feel You
  9. Life
  10. Brainbox
  11. Shanti
  12. Visions of Blue
  13. The Race

WKND (2012)Edit

Ferry Corsten - WKND
  1. A Day Without Rain
  2. Feel It
  3. Ain't No Stoppin'
  4. Don't Be Afraid
  5. Not Coming Down
  6. Live Forever
  7. Let You Go
  8. Check It Out
  9. Love Will
  10. In Your Eyes
  11. Walk On Air
  12. Take Me
  13. WKND
  14. Sunday (Bonus Track)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Find A Way
  2. New Year's Day
  3. Save The World/Punk
  4. Who's Knockin'? (Ferry Corsten Remix)

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