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The White Deer

This song is by Fenrir and appears on the album Frozen Flowers (2009).

Celles qui vont au bois,
C'est la mère et la fille
La mère va chantant, mais sa fille soupire
Qu'a-vous à soupirer, ma blanche Marguerite
J'ai bien trop d'ire en moi, et n'ose vous le dire

Reflexions on water
Fading moon, crisdom light
Whispering in the air
Eve of endless night

Distant sounds of yapping
Swiveling, coming tight
A white doe is standing
A lake on her side

Cursed she has been for so long
In this forest of old
Where ancient gods used to gather
Doomed she has run for her life
Harassed like a wild beast
By the dogs of her own brother


Once she had been a princess
Of shining beauty
Venerated for her charm and wisdom
Mouth of Muse for poets
Light of Love for the knights
Splendent Pearl of her kingdom

Wrath burned in the heart of Hel
The Goddess of the Land
So jealous of the young beauty
Witch, she cast a spell on her
And with her mighty hand
She turned the maid into a deer


Deadly wounded by a spear
The brave and lonely deer
Fell by the arm of her brother
As the dogs were coming near
She dropped a bitter tear
The moonlight fading on her fur


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