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I Can't Stop

This song is by Feloni and appears on the album A Woman's Revenge (2007).

Like Aileen Wurnos
I keep a loaded gun
I ain't afraid to pull the trigger, don't push me, son
They say hey, Shorty, you can't beat a man
But in my heart I know that a glock and hollows can
I'm the women's champ
I don't take no shit
Like when your girl feelin' cramps she don't take no dick
Look in my eyes, and tell me what you see, dog
A black woman runnin' through some thick fog
Slow down, it's twisted enough
Take a closer look it's a diamond in the ruff... plush
Yeah, that's me
Born and raised in the DET
But, can't get no radio love
They say 'cause I like the women it might kill they buzz
Trick, rep yo city
I swear you muthafuckas straight wanna be Diddy (Come on)

If you want this come and get some
Yo, I collect all four
My anger, my drama, my thoughts and flows
Naw, I ain't no muthafuckin role model
Try to be, but what I represent is hard to swallow
But I ain't got time to stop
Tick-Tock to the pretty-ricky-hip-hop
Damn, I know them haters be watching me
But I don't give a fuck about what industry think of me 'cause
(I can't stop 'cause they waitin on me)
Hold up- what the fuck
Feloni ain't giving up

And with or without you
I'm a straight-up live it up
I know you wanna see me back down
But until you haters drop
I'm a hold you down, fucka, what

If you want this come and get some

If hip-hop is here to represent the black collective
Then what the fuck is it without my black perspective
I'm the industry underdog
I got the odds against me but y'all still gone hear me bark
Crash, burn and come back, imagine that
I'm here to suckle the truth not yo similack
And tell the dope-man to give our hood some money back
Instead of pickin' they cotton
They got us pickin' crack
Instead of wantin a mule we want a cadillac
Instead of playin' it cool we gotta get the gat
Well, let me do what I do
Can you handle that
Then put the judgement on lock 'cause God gone bring it back
I know some bad-ass women that can make you jack
And me in love with a hoe, oh, pimpin', never that
And if you love me for me yo, baby, holla back
But if you hate on me, B, that's 'cause your game is wack

If you want this come and get some

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