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Clit Licka

This song is by Feloni and appears on the album A Woman's Revenge (2007).

Verse 1 (Feloni)
It's the F.
The E.
The L. O. N. I.
I'm in this muthaf-cka'
And, yes, you know why
I'ma give you the dooky
Real sh-t with no flies
I'ma take the pussi
I'm straight on you, guy
Always talk'n 'bout you minaj'n
One b-tch, two b-tches you messag'n
Where the f-ck they at
Prove yo mouth'n
And while you talk'n sh-t
Even yo momma's a
(Clit Licka)

When yo girl staring at me from across the bar
When yo girl let me hit it from inside yo car
When yo girl cut you off and you think it's bizarre
She's a
(Clit Licka)
When you blow your girl up and she don't answer the phone
When you try'n to get a nut and she faken the moan
N-gga, give the girl up
She aiin't into the bone
She's a
(Clit Licka)

Verse 2 (Aarika rep'n Trinidad, Bedstuy and Brooklyn)
Yo, I love the green
Both money and trees
F-ck how n-ggaz feel
I'm runn'n in a 100 degrees
Sh-t's hot
But still a b-tch gotta stay with the heat
When them things pop
Flip-flops stop where they be
See you f-ck'n with a bad b-tch
Straight Brooklyn bandit
I'm just say'n, duke
You know you can't handle it
Plus I'm say'n that my b-tch is more man with it
Don't want no d-ck but I might get with a
(Clit Licka)
Yeah, you know
Eyes low

Hydro is what I blow
From the "D"
All the way to Brooklyn, baby
Bedstuy ladies act'n crazy
Yes, it's me, haters
Do ya' thang
Bless'n me every time you say my name
And I'm stress free
Please believe
I'm relieved while yo chest pains
'Cause I'ma
(Clit Licka)

Verse 3 (Feloni)
I know I got a pussi
But ain't no pussi-b-tch
Show me the enemy
I'll empty out the clip
Pour out the Henn
Know I'ma sip it
Talk about the paper, B
I'm ready to flip it
What the f-ck you talk'n, boy
You's a "rider"
When my girl pulled the glock
All you did was holla
Took yo ass home
Jumped in the shower
And yo b-tch called again
(True story)
New York, Cali, ATL
Houston, Chi-town
Lickers dwell
Feel what I'm say'n
Baby, yell
What E-40 say, "Feel my smell"
Get a glass of water
'Cause I know you choken
On the fact that I'm the one she's hold'n
What's up, boy
You got them toys
But I'm the one she wants with the thump-thump noise

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