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Brand New

This song is by Feloni and appears on the album A Woman's Revenge (2007).

This goes out to all those n-ggaz
Who be f-ck'n around with them bi-sexual women
You know what I'm sayin'
Fall'n in love and sh-t
No check it...

Yo b-tch was act'n brand new when I f-cked her
Matter fact, I made yo b-tch leave her motha'
Her sista'
Her crib and you
This is what tongue in p-ssi can do, n-gga
Yo b-tch hit me up when you work'n
She like to get the p-ssi wet, then we get it jerk'n
No check it
This ain't no tale
I hits like Pharell
Now I got yo b-tch eat'n p-ssi so well
It's the feline pimp

5'7, 130
I don't walk with no limps
No check it
Yo b-tch be jigglin', baby
When I suck her from behind
She be screamin' like crazy
I know some n-ggaz don't feel me
But when I take yo' b-tch
You n-ggas wanna' kill me
Come on
That's why I stay strapped
'Cause I'm that female Mac
And when you n-ggas come and get me
We gon' ratta-tat-tat-tat

Yo' chick is brand new if she hangs in titty bars
I took yo' b-tch
Yo' chick is brand new if she likes m

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