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Rocket Ride

This song is by Felix Da Housecat.

Hey boy, take me off the radar
People said we'd never go far
Look at you so take me away from here
Turbo boost me into your stratosphere
Looking fine, got you in my sight
I surrender wont put up a fight
You're my darling I adore you
I'll stand by you always be true

Spacecraft kid, won't you take me on a rocket ride?
Don't say no cause i wont be denied
You're my boy, and I'm your girl,
Take me out of this messed up world

Out the window, there's the tiny earth
In your arms, I know what I'm worth
You and I, love in outer space
here with you a perfect free place
Far away, the distant earth life
Yours forever, silent space wife
Energize my inner fantasy
Go whereever this craft takes me

transcends all static
Together by electric fate
I'm your solar power princess
your technological soul mate
devotion at the speed of light
Jet fueled warship
A lusty in the red
Of a digital relationship

(Chorus) x 4

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