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Gravy Fries And Dirty Lollipops

This song is by Feeling Left Out and appears on the album Two To The Chest To Remember, One To The Head To Forget (2002).

Gravy Fries and Dirty Lollipops
(Originally written as a letter to Joe. Not a word was changed)

Gravy fries
And dirty lollipops
I love the way that sounds
And everything else you said.
I read your letter
On Sunday morning
In one of those "cheesequake-type"
Rest areas
That jersey is so famous for
On the border of
Too far away to turn back

And give you that kiss
That I was waiting for you to ask for
And that you deserved.
If only just for having lips like that.

If only you made one gesture
Or sat a little closer
Touched my arm or
Looked at me for longer
Than what's appropriate
I would have been all over you.

I guess my vibe was not
As powerful as I had thought it was
Or you wouldn't have been able to
Resist my charms.

I've listened to your tape a million times (okay, not that many, but a whole lot)
Over the past few days, actually its in my tape player right now.

I wanted to hear what you
Sounded like in arizona.
Where its warmer.