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Compilation by various artists.
  1. The Call
  2. Same Dark Sweater (featuring Joey The Jerk)
  3. Judge Not (featuring LPG)
  4. Golden Motorcycle (featuring DJ Maj)
  5. Reaching (featuring Soup the Chemist)
  6. Muchas Muchachas (featuring Brainwash Projects)
  7. The Next Big Thing (featuring Crankcase)
  8. Pandemonium (featuring Luke Geraty and RedCloud)
  9. Call Of The Dung Beetle (featuring Knowdaverbs and Grits)
  10. Sea Monsters & Gargoyles (featuring Soul-Junk)
  11. God Music (featuring DJ Maj and John Reuben)
  12. Gratitude (featuring PAX217)
  13. Planes And Trains (featuring Mars Ill and Blueprint)
  14. Driven By The Facts (featuring Sharlok Poems, BTwice and Great Jason)
  15. Not This Record (featuring Freedom of Soul and Brainwash Projects)
  16. The White Man (featuring Tapwater and Great Jason)
  17. Sunny Days (featuring Flipside)
  18. Paperweight (featuring Future Shock and BTwice)
  19. The Pigeon John Song (featuring RedCloud)

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