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This song is by Fear My Thoughts and appears on the album The Great Collapse (2004).

Once they gathered, fought and found
What they believed to become the eternal reign
Convinced of their superiority they lived an illusion
Blinded by the victories / poisoned through the comfort
The ghosts of the decadence arose
The ghosts of the decadence arose

The empire suffocated by itself
Corruption, lethergy and slavery
Was all that remainded
The eternal reign drowned in human weakness

Again some gathered and created
The foundation of the perfect system:

And with the knowledge of the past
Laws were passed to conserve the reign
Convinced of only their ideas they suppressed freedom
Heading exactly the same way
Aas their ancient idols
They were marching towards the certain end
Protected by the most powerful weapons
Creating an economy to ease the living
Trying everything to keep the structures
They built up an illusion
Drowning in corruption, lethargy and slavery
Your power will fade away
Only ruins will remain

Nothing lasts forever; it's a waste of time

And history repeats itself

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