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Cloning Technology (Replica)

This song is by Fear Factory and appears on the remix album Remanufacture (1997) and on the movie soundtrack Ginger Snaps (2001).

Technology has turned reality into a paradox.
Forms are not always as they seem.

The struggle for non conformity
has become even more complicated.
Technology has learned to duplicate, rebuild,
and remanufacture reality and humanity.
The ability to take a template and replicate it
is not a fantasy anymore, it is a threat.
The struggle against conformity has become a
comprehensive investigation into technology
that works against the principle of individuality
and non conformity, CLONING TECHNOLOGY.

Humanity has become a relative term in the search for truth;
A search for clues.
A search for variables in life and mutation in a genus.

One will find that each form has been specifically
designed for the business of survival.

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