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This song is by Fay Lovsky and appears on the album Confetti (1981).

Hey Maggie, I know we never met before
But everyone's confusing us
And that's what I'm calling you for
Oho Maggie, don't you think that it's a weird idea
That there'd be someone who looks just like you
And that you look just like me?

Maggie, please, listen to what I say
If we don't get together shortly now
We'll get into each other's way
'Cause if our boyfriends start and mix us up
There's no end to what might be
Let's get together love, Maggie

Maggie, when we're together, we would stun the world
We could start a song and dance act, the amazing identical girls
O-ooh Maggie, name a day, a time, a place
I may be bad at being mindful, oh but I never forget a face

Everyone must be somebody's double (double-double-double)
Somebody you may never get to meet
But when you do you better watch out for trouble
Because the two of you may be the only ones who see the difference

Maggie, I know we never met before, everyone's confusing us,
And that's what I'm calling you for, (That's what I'm calling you for)

Oho Maggie ohohoho
Oho Maggie, oho Maggie