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Ole José

This song is by Favez and appears on the album Bellefontaine Avenue (2003).

I really like the way you do it
The way your paintings really move

The brushes and the colored angels
A sour darkness and the grooves
A subtle light and, ah, the blues
I like the way you play the blues

I like the way you draw the motions
I like the notions in between

I like it better than your breathing
I find it easier to care
And you're the curse and you're the burden
And you mean nothing, I swear

And all the writings, all the songs
Are like a while on white and, oh
I guess, you'll never catch the meaning
Of all your yellows and blues

And if you only get this one thing
It never was about you


Written by:

G. Mescoli; S. Lee

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