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This song is by Faunts and appears on the album Ostalgia Volume 1 (2016).

We were the children
Born son of man
We were the soldiers
Called home again

I can never remember the words
To this story
But I'll never forget the doubts
We had
That a long time ago
We fought for glory
A long time ago we fought ourselves

So we gave up and surrendered
Threw down arms with raised hands
There was no one left to defend here
This place was not home

So we left all our things on the floor
All our treasures
Ran out the door with the clothes on
Our backs
But run to from yourself
Well it brings no pleasure
We veered off the road we
Saw ahead

Still I lay my head in the bed I make
Rest arms from the arms we take
But I don't sleep well with the souls
I wake
Oh Lord, my soul do not forsake