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Earth's Kiss

This song is by Faun Fables and appears on the album The Transit Rider (2006).

I'm winding my way home
Upon a vaguely beaten path
Grasses are long
The night is cast

My heart's only leaking ??? ???
A firefly wandering a dark mountain side

Winding my way through memories
And places we know
Each turn catching my breath
Closer to you

My heart's only leaping through green and vast
The places we meet, though we parted once upon a time
(Here we part. Here we meet.)

Here we meet
Here we meet
Here we part

Are you hungry? Do you wander
Through sunken planes
Will you recognize me...
On my way home again?

For a memory's deeper than vast treasure chests
The words may hold forever
What you loved best

Here at the crossroads with a broken heart
Fear and ???
We will embark

?? On your way
I've still many miles
Both roads leading home
Where we meet, where we meet
In the wild

Here we meet
Here we meet
Here we part

To come apart, within the heart
Of the wind, and the flame
I would not miss
The earth's kiss

If here I stay
If here I stay
For here I stay

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