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I Wish I Were Twins

This song is by Fats Waller and appears on the album The Cream Series (1993) and on the album Honeysuckle Rose (1995).

When I'm with you I feel so small
Right in my shell I want to crawl
I wonder why I had to fall for you

Why do you make my life so tough?
Seems I can't love you half enough
You're so heavenly, much too much for me

I wish that I were twins, you great big babykins
So I could love you twice as much as I do
I'd have four loving arms to embrace you
Four eyes to idolize you each time I face you

With two hearts twice as true what couldn't four lips do
When four ears hear you saying, "I'm yours"
You great big babykins, I wish that I were twins
So I could love you twice as much as I do

Written by:

Eddie De Lange; Frank Loesser; Joseph Meyer

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