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This song is by Fates Warning and appears on the album Night On Bröcken (1984).

He was the son of a champion
A proud Olympian
Taught his boy all the tricks
He'd ever need to win
The games were fierce as battle
Not for ordinary man
A man born of royal blood
Must live by sword in hand
This one not so lucky
As he fell to his knees
Suddenly inflicted
Deranged with disease
His father act with fury
You must not scorn his name
Cast him to the forest
Return never again

The nights cold and darkened
As the boy turned into man
Took shelter in the jackal's den
The cave Tartarean
Confronted by the serpent
Now your soul belongs to me
For your health and strength
Sell your soul and you'll go free
Eager to accept the bribe
For revenge in his mind
Dawn reflected from the blade
The forest left behind
His strength grew with every stride
He was healthy as an ox
No one would stop him

You live by the sword
And die by the sword
Avenge everyone in your way
Condemning a Misfit
For innocence his sin
His blade will avenge you someday

Defeating every wild beast
And swordsman in the ring
Victor of the main event
Wed daughter of the king
He glances to the throne
Where sits the royal regime
The king who cast the misfit died
His father reigned supreme
The charge begins, first pass is made
The serpent's face revealed
Time has come to meet his fate
The bribe kept concealed
He casts his blade with vengeance
And pierced his father's soul
Satan would take him


Written by:

Victor Arduini and John Arch

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