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Fata Morgana

This song is by Fates Warning and appears on the album Awaken The Guardian (1986).

Morrigan you come again
Morgan La Fay, raven on my sill of frost
Far away from the sea of the setting sun
Island of fire and albatross
Taught so well magic Merlin the wizard
Maiden of beauty dressed in rainbow
Come to me

Damon girl daughter of saul queen of the
Under world . . . she'll have us all
Damon girl foul temptress of lust
Peasants to kings your heart surely turn to dust
Damian she's the mortal of man
Lives in your dreams in darkness, reaches out her hand
Come to me

Fata Morgana . . . She will take you
Hungry scarred harlot hunting another heart
Morrigan fallen angel queen of magic
Kneeling at the widows altar, temptress
Of my . . .
She's the widow of my dreams

Far beyond the realm of dream, your wildest dream
Ascend to the plane, an imaginary game to play
Past the golden pillars of the lore to Lemuria
Imagine your queen . . .
Take her she's yours
Damian upon her throne mirrored mirage
Of your desire
Of my desire
Passion slave, her life I gave
Jump into her fire

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