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Buried Alive

This song is by Fates Warning and appears on the album Night On Bröcken (1984).

Dark and dampness lingers
In body and in soul
Dead wall of stone I cry out
For twenty years alone
Exanimate a penance
Not fit for man nor beast
Innocent of mortal sin
Do hear me out at least

Man of strong mind and soul
Deserves a second chance
Just to see a glimpse of light
Would warm my icy hands

Any kin or family
Just an echo in my mind
Silence loudens tribulations
That I left behind
Just then a beam of light projects
From underneath the rock
Could it be escape I'm free
I'll dig my fingers raw

Deep in your mind look for the answer
It'll be there
Life, strange illusion
Stay low, I'll take care
Time is the sentence in which
You must abide
Make sin your companion
Then Satan be your bride

The tunnels deep and twisting
As I press my body through
Entrapped in this one way passage
The light I must pursue
I grasp the bars at the end of my crawl
As I gape down to the sea
The skeleton of a man who tried
A fool just like me

Written by:

Jim Matheos and John Arch

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