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N.Y. State Of Mind

This song is by Fatality and appears on the album N.Y. State Of Mind (2007).

(Featuring Oscar Of Regain The Heart Condemned And Albert Of Royalty In Exile)

Our friends, our turf, our grounds, so don't start no shit. It's not where you're from but where you are. Remember you're in NYC. Don't go and be another fool who's gonna try to make a point. When will you realize your words mean nothing to us? This may be a fight we'll never win but we're not backing down. We'll keep on fighting until the end, so try and stop us now. This may be our last chance, may be our time is up. Take us out, you better get us now. 'CAUSE WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK. Remember that this is the fight. This is the fight where only we win

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