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Put Ya In The Game

This song is by Fat Joe and appears on the album Jealousy Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2) (2009).

Fat Joe
T-pain (shawtay)
Shawtay I couldn't help but notice that you were sittin' on the sidelines,
I got all of the material thangs that you need to get a new shine,
And I can put you in da game,
And I can have you lookin' like ya never seen,
Baby you bad as ****, bute when I'm done you be lookin' so clean

Let me put you in da game
Fingernails, toenails (painted up), high heels, chrome wheels,
Stanidn' up, designer clothes from head to toe.
Mr. Leather got the stereo, I see the trunk
Let me put ya in da game (x4)
And Mami you already know, we spendin' dough,
And you gonna be the baddest thing on the road
Let me put ya in da game

(Fat Joe)
She says she never seen a car, with the seat in the middle,
She tried to bite my chain,
She thought it was some skittles,
Fat Joe be runnin' game,
I just be only runnin' riddles,
Have her hittin' high notes like my dick comes with a fiddle
Now I'm 24 inches from the grizzound, grizzound, uh, uh
Anything you want to touch the tizzown, tizzown, uh, uh,
Puffin' on that hazel, talkin' pizzounds, pizzounds, uh, uh,
Gotta get that moneys how we get down, get down,
Suicide doors, I'm so Cobain,
Louie Camel jacket, the bag is the same
See its Joey Crack, you must be sellin' cocaine,
'Cause they don't make money like that in the rap game,
Mister, mister rain man, yeah I can make it rain,
Top blown off and I didn't even aim,
Yankee hat back the seats on lame,
And no that's not a car, that's a ****in' airplane

(T-pain chorus)

Allow me to re-introduce myself
My name ooh
And lean is in my kizzup kizzup uh uh
And I blow bifs till its stizz up stizz up uh uh
Party on the yachet or we can party on the island party went to wait I gaurente I have you smiling
Say she never party with a G like me
Well I'm in carol city servin' E to the feens
But you neva ride that bus
20s on that caian truck
Bet I have ya friends stick together oh fly as us
Listen to me shawty I can put you in the game
Shapar rocks drippin couple diamonds on ya chain
You we on the road blowin' dro gettin' doe
So all you gotta say yes man we can go

(T-Pain Chorus)

(Fat joe)
Now she looking pass y'all
'Cause ya boy's in the slump
I took added to jex to top flaw the junk ...
Had to hustle hard to give lil mama the mumps
Now she runnin' down 5th like she related to gump
I'm talkin' forrest
And yes that's the hood where I'm from
Having shawty bussin off like the pussy's a gun
Then I beat it up like that ass come with a jump and I can do the samething for you that I did to Pun.

T-pain chorus

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