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​Under the Loudness

This song is by Farscape and appears on the album Killers on the Loose (2006).

Heavy Metal, the religion I respect,
That's not for the weaks
Ancient rites, in primitive future I believe
Why so many fools
Don't believe in hell?
Wimps hypnotized under the spell

Speed Metal is a synonym for violence
And not a modern shit
The guys in the black suits
Do not understand
What we mean
But nobody can destroy the feeling
And the passion we have
We laugh at your face,
We're stronger than that

Under the loudness of metal
Riffs melt your brain
Under the loudness of metal
Posers feel the endless pain

The media dirty our names, our believes
The fake controlling the masses,
World of greed
All money can buy seconds on MTV
But you'll be forgotten, pathetic plastic shit