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​Celebrate My Death

This song is by Farscape and appears on the album Killers on the Loose (2006).

I was born in th underworld
And since I was a kid
I've learned how to usemy gun
My dad taught me the tricks
I laugh when someone dies
Evil is a part of me
An aberration to you
A monster to society

(Distoted) visions of darkness
Morbidity in my mind
The pleasure that I please
All corpses left behind
A world in a world
I've lived my live in sin
I'm a dead man walking
And now you can
Celebrate my death

I grew up with my rats
I had to feed my dirty pets
Killing with satisfaction
Fell the knife in your flesh
The taste of blood
Is pure in my mouth
Bodies in my freezer
Píeces everywhere

Listen! people want me dead
Hear the scream from the outside
Dealing aggression with more aggression
A sinner by the sacred church