Farout:Something About The Universe And The Hostage Of Time Lyrics

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Something About the Universe and the Hostage of Time

This song is by Farout.

She hesitates, then she asks me if a knew
something about living, love, infinity,
if I ever had controlled my own future
and she told me to look in her eyes-
You wonder why it always has to happen,
you wonder why she tries to run away
if I was in doubts she smiles

dreaming all your life when you were standing here beside
dream of other worlds you run through walls, run through it all
drowned in the darkness of this sadness is too strong

you cannot win, you can't deny, you'll never fall, you'll never die
won't you please call me your enemy

there's a secret out there, I can't await to see
smash my crown to pices, please force me set me free

you can win, you cannot hide you will not fall, fall before I die
shout, sceam and fight, call me back to home,
you'll never reach out to these peaceful rooms

It's getting clearer in my mind, - shine

it seems so hopeless, it seems so ugly,
it seems that nothing's ever gonna stop me
you want to break me, you need to fake me,
could you ever stand the pain you gave me
it seems so hopeless, it seems so ugly,
it seems that nothing's ever gonna stop from my own will, my own...

you can't trust me, I will beat you
you can't force me - my will to escape
you can't grab me, I am nowhere,
I will grow bigger than you ever expect me to grow -

what will you do when your enemy cries, if I decide you'll lie to die
can you hear - I am not alone on my own!

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