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I Hardly Knew It Was You

This song is by Faron Young and appears on the album Memory Lane (1964) and on the album I'll Be Yours (1968).

Tinted hair and painted lips
Polish on your fingertips
I hardly knew it was you
Shabby dress and worn out lock
A shadow of the girl I love
I hardly knew it was you.

You once said that you
Would have no one
Not no one will ever have you
A life of hardship and disgrace
I see it written on your face
I hardly knew it was you.

Custom jewels and cheap perfume
Tou're like a rose that's lost its bloom
I hardly knew it was you
From the simple girl I knew
You have changed dear, goin' through
I hardly knew it was you.

We could have lived our lives together
But your heart had a mind all its own
What a pity what a shame
I don't know who's to blame
But I hardly knew it was you...

Written by:

Dan Welch

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