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Don't F Cking Tell Me What To Drink

This song is by Far East Movement.

FM in the house
Cherry, cherry, boom boom
Robyn... I think I love You
Don't kill me... Reflip

Shot to the head like an execution
No cosmo, don't drink pollution
No cran, no coke, no confusion
Straight up bitch, that's my solution
We don't mix that dark and clear
Only DJs mixin' here, we hypin' here
No light beer, I stay fly like buzzlightyear

That mai tai's killin' me
That cosmo's killin' me
Those mint leave's killin' me
That blender's killin' me
That seven's killin' me
Club soda's killin' me

Ya, free wire bitch
Oh damn, just walked in and so so grand
Cherrytree in the dojo man
We pop bottles, look both hands
None of my drinks needa blender
I stay slizzard like my temper
Kill a bar tender, no surrender
All bitch drinks, return to sender

Pft, is that a tuplip?
In my scotch? Oh heeeell naaaw

That seamers killin' me
Them bones is killin' me
That pinecones killin' me (pinecone?)
That daiquiri's killin' me
That tonic's killin' me
That straw is killin' me (It's bendy)

Ain't that drunk punk
Take that lime and coconut out my cup
4-5-1 no pain, no game
Only walk umbrellas in the rain
My misses drink like fishes
Patron is my prescription
FM and Robyn twisted
Konnichiwa you bitches
Konnichiwa you bitches

That sparklers killin' me
That V8s killin' me
That celery's killin' me (two stocks)
That grapefruit's killin' me
Hypnotic's killin' me
That mangoes killin' me
... That cosmo's killin' me
That celery's killin' me
That seamers killin' me
That celery's killin' me
Don't fucking tell me what to drink

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