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What I've Wanted To Say

This song is by Far and appears on the album Tin Cans With Strings To You (1996).

The best and the worst of me at the same time
Make a tin cans with strings to you,
let you know I really mean it all
And the more I say it
the more I just sound like a carnival barker yelling selling art
Just don't worry about looking dumb,
I do it all the time, it's actually pretty fun
and whatever, it's overblown,
as relative as hot and cold
and good and bad and young and old
Do anything, there's no wrong, it's all right
This is what I've wanted to say this whole time
I wish for you what I wish for me
the flashlight, the means, the reason, the medium
I will say this, will you listen?
If you don't listen I don't mind I'll still say it
if you don't listen
If you don't listen I don't mind
This is what I've wanted to say this whole time

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