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In 2 Again

This song is by Far and appears on the album Water & Solutions (1998).

To another, to anyone but me
It's so obvious, so painfully
And I worry that everyone but me will be laughing at
Something I didn't see
Anyone but me
Everyone but me

Into another, in too deep
Like bees to flowers, sex to steal
And before ever
Will we be in 2 again?
(Praise the boy, he's a strong one
He can train the horse
Hitch the bit, pull it tighter, till he cries out
Other day, boy led the horse across the creek
Broke his leg, nearly drowned him
Now they're both no good
Take 'em out to the barn out back, let the boy
Pull the trigger
Leave 'em both where you found 'em
Leave 'em both for dead
In 2 Again)

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