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Second Hand Rose

This song is by Fanny Brice.

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Father has a business
Strictly second-hand
Everything from toothpicks to a baby grand
Stuff in our apartment
Came from Father's store
Even things I'm wearing, someone wore before
It's no wonder that I feel abused
I never get a thing that ain't been used

I'm wearing second-hand hats
Second-hand clothes
That's why the call me Second Hand Rose
Even our piano in the parlor
Father bought for ten cents on the dollar
Second-hand pearls
I'm wearing second-hand curls
I never get a single thing that's new
Even Jakie Cohen, he's the man I adore
Had the nerve to tell me he'd been married before
Everyone knows that I'm just Second Hand Rose
From Second Avenue

I'm wearing second-hand shoes
Second-hand hose
All the girls hand me their second-hand beaus
Even my pajamas, when I don them
Have somebody else's 'nitials on them
Second-hand rings
I'm sick of second-hand things
I never get what other girlies do
Once while strolling through the Ritz, a woman got my goat
She nudged her friend and said, "Oh, look, there goes my last year's coat!"
Everyone knows that I'm just Second Hand Rose
From Second Avenue


  • Composer: James F. Hanley
  • Lyricist: Grant Clarke
  • From: Ziegfeld Follies of 1921

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