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This song is by Fan Death.

Will there b a reunion, Armageddon coming, resurrecting these mummies
If you're da best then I'm a zombie
Yeah, da best to never do it bitch
Cause in my mind, I run my own shit
And in it (mind) only I exist
To b continued...

Yeah I do see a little you in my dad

True story dat could change da world

I don't need a deal I have much respect for any game
June 10 1985 my life began but da world changed

Time apart from anyone or anything is time changed
The world is not da same they say in my mind it never was
And it will continue to change until da beginning begins again
It's not about da best unless only you exist
In dis world there's always a better

Forgive me if I am being misunderstood by u
Name:wee wee home: whitfeild alabama aka wickedtown
To b continued...

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