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Give It Up

This song is by Family Guy.

Let me tell you about it, stud.

You'll get chills all through your body
and you'll lose all control of your bladder
and your sphincter, that's your bum hole.

'Cause if you use toad, then I'm telling you...
You can kiss your life goodbye.

Yeah when you use toad,
It will mess you up.
It will make your mama cry
That's no lie,
You'll choke on your tongue and die

You've got to give it up
You got to give up the toad now
It's no joke buddy, give it up
You got to give up the toad now
Or you'll croak
You've got to give it up,
And don't smoke
Or you will see,
It hurts to pee

There'll be blood, gushing from ya
Every time that you cough
And forget getting lucky,
It falls off

Yeah you'd better wise up
'Cause I'm telling you
Toad is one Lando for bins

Got to give it all up
Or you're gonna see
Your whole life will hit the skids
And your kids will be born without eyelids

You've got to give it up
You got to give up the toad now
Thanks to you
And just give it up

(Brian) Give up the toad now

Thanks to you, Lando
Give it up
Got to give up the toad now, Oh-oh-oooh
I'm no fool, Lando's cool

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