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Tyrone's Rap

This song is by Steve Margoshes and appears on the musical soundtrack Fame: The Musical (1999).

Don't need no rich bitch
To tell me which
Fork to use
I paid my dues
In a rat trap building called New York
Livin' off beans
Greens and pork
In a basement
No one's gotta tell me what it's like to be black
Ace of spades
All the carwash washers and day work maids
Can't wash it off
It never fades
Its who you are until you're dead
No ain't that a kick upside the head
Now I Know about Poire and poirtier
Can't get higher than sugar ray
Mohammed Ali and Dr. J
And 90% of the NBA
Reggie Jackson
Micheal and Mahelia Jackson
Now what's that got to do with me
On the steets the only thing I see
Is crack dealers
Pocket book stealers
Coke Snorters
Time Square Daughters
Eight year olds who dance for quarters
For tokes and two line blows
New adidas and stereos
That's us
That's it
So don't be telling me all that SHIT

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