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Mabel's Prayer

This song is by Steve Margoshes and appears on the musical soundtrack Fame: The Musical (1999).

I wanna die
Lord I wanna die
Take me now Jesus and get it over with
Maybe there'll be some vanilla pudding waiting up in heaven for me

Oh Lord, give me a sign
Give me a call on your heavenly line
Tell me oh Lord what it is that you want of me
Keep me from eating
Whatever's in front of me

Oh Lord, give her a sign
(Oh give me a sign)
Give her a call on your heavenly line
(Call me on, call me on, on your heavenly line)
Tell her oh Lord what it is that want of her
(Tell me)
Keep her from eating
(Save me, save me)
Whatever's in front of her
(From eating what's in front of me)

Oh lord give me the answer
Save me from being...
The worlds...
Fattest dancer

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