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If I Only Get Up

This song is by Unknown Artist.


You seem so hard to get, girl do I have a chanse,
my friends keep tellin' me, forget her, your not her type of man

But I wanna hear you say it, if I am in the blue,
hope that my friends are lying, oh baby, I may not be that cool,


but you see, there's alot inside of me, want you close oh babey,
you're the only fantasy of my heart


I will do it all, oo my baby, I will take it all yeah for your love,
every brooze, every scrub, I will bleed to get your love,
I will do it all, yeah I will take the fall, if I only get up


Oh yes you are a diva, but you have all the rights,
there's no-one else like you, ya amaze me, you spin my world around

I wanna know you deepa', I'll digg into yours soul,
if you just let me closer, oh baby, I feel so much for you,


'cuz you see, when you're walking down the street,
every boy, every man, stops and stairs, but you don't care,
not at all


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